What does it mean to be an Essential School in the 21st Century- and Beyond?

Nov 07, 2012 - 07:00 PM by CES

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What does it mean to be an Essential School in the 21st Century- and Beyond?
Holli Hanson Moore, ABEO School of Change 
Laura Thomas, Antioch University New England

When CES first came to be, the social, political, and educational landscapes were very different from today.  In this session, we will 1) examine the 10 Common Principles from the current perspectives/ contexts of the participants and the current state of education, 2) think about the skills, knowledge and dispositions that are critical for success in today's society and how those connect to the Common Principles, and 3) what adults need to know and do to better understand and support students in light of current cultural realities.  Finally, we will create an action plan for the next generation of Essential School instruction, leadership, and collaboration.

Holli Hanson Moore: No longer merely our (and everyone’s) favorite facilitator, Holli has taken the reins at Abeo as Executive Director. She is our premier professional learning community trainer as she brings collaborative function to teams that never imagined it possible. Holli loves to unravel complex master schedules, engage teachers and leaders in inquiry into their practice, and steadfastly maintains focus on equity with a capital E! Her counseling background provides a rare perspective to school change challenges as she is able to understand and support everyone with a stake in equitable and quality education. Holli has been vested in small schools and the Coalition of Essential Schools Ten Common Principles for more than a decade, supporting effective practice in schools across the country. As Associate Director for the CES Northwest Center, Holli is a consistent advocate of student-centered reform and champions CES Principles as a driver of equity. She is a graduate of American University in Washington DC and holds a Masters degree from Pacific Lutheran University.

Laura Thomas is Director of Antioch University’s Center for School Renewal and Faculty
in the Department of Education.  She has been a school change coach and staff developer for since 1995, concurrent to and following a career as a speech and theatre educator.  She is affiliated with and active in the Coalition of Essential Schools, the School Reform Initiative and is the Immediate Past Co-President of the New Hampshire affiliate of Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council). She is the author of
Facilitating Authentic Learning: A Framework for Student-Driven Instruction (Corwin-Sage Publications, October 2012) as well as multiple articles.  She currently writes for The Critical Skills Classroom Blog.  Laura holds a Bachelor of Science in Education in Speech and Theatre Education from the University of Missouri and a Masters of Education from Antioch University New England.  Her areas of research and interest include school change and resistance, rural schools, and authentic instruction and assessment. She lives in Keene, New Hampshire with her husband John and her two children Molly and Harry.

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